We address all types of pure water, RO, demineralized (DI), Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF) and the various markets and related technologies. We always favor a simple and efficient approach that is economically and technically advantageous for our customers and partners. Our unique experience allows us to guide our customers to the most appropriate water treatment equipment, considering their real needs. As well as to formulate optimal maintenance and decontamination protocols.

Types of systems :

  • Waters (USP Standards)
    • Pharmaceutical – Industry and Hospitals (Pharmacy)
    • Cosmetics, Natural products, others.
  • Laboratory waters (Centrals and points of use / polishing)
    • NCCLS, CAP, ACSTM, ISO or amalgam standards.
  • Water for dialysis (Hospitals and clinics)
  • Endoscopic Washers (Hospitals and clinics)
  • Water for sterilization (Hospitals, clinics and others)
  • Water for scrubbers-decontaminators (Hospitals, clinics and others)
  • Water for rinsing electronic components and semiconductors
  • Water for plating
  • Water for boilers
  • Water for agriculture

Equipment, Products of Services:

  • Prevention removal
    • Microorganisms of all types (Air and Water)
    • Endotoxins and pyrogens
    • Resistant biofilm
  • Decontamination and System Maintenance
    • Systems evaluation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Recommendations
    • Analyzes and Interpretation of analysis results
    • Shock Decontamination – Advanced Methods
  • Equipment and integration
    • Pre-treatment needed to feed RO
    • Main treatment: RO, EDI, DI, UF
    • Softeners and catalysis of calcium carbonate
    • Tanks and Distribution Equipment
  • Systems design
  • Writing Operating Protocols (SOPs)
    • Maintenance protocol
    • Decontamination protocols, depending on the types of water systems required.
    • Sampling protocol to avoid false positives
    • Others
  • See additional sections to learn more about our products and services, and our approach

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