We provide water treatment solutions for the following applications:

Hot water systems  
(healthcare facilities, schools, hotels…)

Copper-Silver Ionization
Healthcare facilities, schools and hotels are among the most at risk when dealing with Legionella bacteria. The main source of propagation is the warm water system where contagion mainly takes place through shower steam. Many well known international and national organisations acknowledge copper-silver ionization as an effective and safe technology for the prevention and control of Legionella bacteria in hot water systems.

– Reduction in energy costs and scale growth by allowing the reduction of hot water temperature
– No recolonization of the network in case of breakdown
– Eliminates the need for hyperchlorination or thermal shock
– Effective throughout the entire water system

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Public Swimming pools and Water parks

Copper-Silver Ionization
A public swimming pool, whether a bathing, a leisure sports, or even acompetition area, must be above anything else clean, worry-free, and relaxing.

Skin rashes, irritated eyes and respiratory problems, all related to the intensive use of chlorine/bromine in the standard water treatment process, are too often considered unavoidable. Using a copper-silver ionizer from H2O Biotech allows the reduction of chlorine concentration to the minimal government standard.

– No more “red-eyes” or skin irritation
– Reduction of unpleasant odors and taste
– Substantial reduction in chemical usage and handling
– Reduction ventilation and associated costs

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Fountains and Water Features

Copper-Silver Ionization
Many parks, office buildings, hotels and shopping malls incorporate fountains and water features. The risk of Legionella and bacteria spread through water droplets must be controlled. The H2O Biotech Copper-Silver Ionization system combined with very low levels of oxidiser is ideal in these applications:

– Lower chemical usage, reducing risk to passers-by
– Odorless water
– Sparkling, clear and attractive water

Potable water systems  
(water fountains, kitchens…)

UV System
Ultraviolet residential and institutional water treatment system provides a complete treatment of your drinkable water within a complete and ultra compact unit. This is accomplished without using harmful chemicals, making it an ecological choice.

– Eradicates 99.99% of bacteria (E. coli), viruses, algae, fungi and others
– Reduces unpleasant odors and taste

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Small Swimming pools, Spa and Therapeutic Baths
(Less than 24,000 gallons [90,850 l])

UV Ozonation
The high oxidizing power of ozone works in conjunction with your disinfecting agent (chlorine or bromine in concentration according to local regulations) to offer users a healthier and cleaner bathing experience. As an oxidizer, Ozone eliminates objectionable chemical by‐products such as chloramine or bromamine. The result: an ecological choice, a choice safe for the environment.

– Effective and natural disinfection of water without changing its parameters (pH, alkalinity, etc.)
– Reduces in skin irritation, red eyes, and respiratory problems
– Improves the clarity and the smell of water

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UV Ozonation
Healthcare facilities have to monitor with great care their laundromat water system in order to minimize the transmission of pathogenic organisms. An ozone system, specially adapted to very hot water condition, will take care of this risk.

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Cooling towers

Copper-Silver Ionization
Besides treating the circulating cooling water in cooling tower systems to minimize corrosion, scaling and fouling, the water must be dosed with biocides and algaecides to prevent growths that could interfere with the continuous flow of the water. Another very important reason for using biocides is to prevent the growth of Legionella as 40 to 60% of tested cooling towers contained the bacteria. Copper-silver ionization offers a greener and most effective alternative to the usual chemical treatment.

– Plays two roles: curative and preventive (residual effect) as the ions stay in the water for weeks
– Eliminates the algae surface coating which results in better heat transfer and lower energy cost
– Not affected by temperature, none‐corrosive, do not destabilize water pH
– Eligible for LEED points

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