H2O Biotech inc. is a business specialized in water treatment, based in Montreal, QC (Ville St-Laurent).

In January 2010, Dr. Normand Brais Ing., Ph.D and Alain Trahan joined their efforts and expertise in order to put in place a water treatment business, H2O Biotech. They then formed a partnership with Sanuvox Technologies, an over 15-year established company that specializes in air treatment. This association would ensure H2O Biotech’s product distribution in the North American market.

The company offers a wide array of water treatment products to complete the Sanuvox circle. In doing so, the company is able to offer a global environmental treatment.

The existing products are:


Copper-Silver ionization for sanitary hot-water systems, mainly although not exclusively for hotels and hospitals.
Ozonation and disinfection by UV, given Sanuvox expertise in both of these fields.
Water treatment in these applications :
o Schools
o Swimming pools, showers, and public baths
o Cooling towers (Water towers)
o Spas and therapeutic baths
o Potable water systems


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